Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!!

The answer to the last trivia is.........
And the new trivia is............
Only one of us Ulmer kids has ever fainted; who is it??

Picnic at the Pond.

The weather has really been warming up lately, with abundant sunshine luring all of us outdoors as much as possible. Dad's Spring break at school fell during the warmest week we've had yet so far this year.
With some extra time after their chores were in order, the younger ones all enjoyed a trek down to the pond for some fishing!!

Big brother helpin' little brother.

Standard picnic fare.......

Moses and Tabitha!!


We caught three very small fish!!

Silas wanted to go spear fishing.


More fishing.......

Gettin' a little muddy.

Quick candid.

Showing me his new found treasures.

What a wonderful day of sunshine and brother/sister time!! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!

The answer to the last trivia is...................
It never hurts to have a little bit of fun.......
As you can see, some of them were a little more enthusiastic about it then others. :)
And the new trivia is-----
One day one of our boys was industriously mowing around our lagoon. As he finished his task he came upon something that all boys love-- a huge frog. And I mean HUGE!!! It was literally the size of a large dinner plate. Eager to show off his discovery, he placed it in the bottom of a empty icecream pail and snapped the lid on. Bringing it inside, he brought it to Mom, who was sitting in the living room. She was reluctant to have him open the pail, because he wouldn't tell her what was inside, and she had visions of something, or many somethings (you know, ants, ladybugs, worms etc......) popping out and invading her house. Finally he assured her that nothing would escape from the pail. Tipping it forward, he removed the lid, just in time for the mammoth frog to leap from the pail and right into Mom's lap. You can imagine Mom's response!! He was able to scoop up the frog after only a few more hops, and hastily returned it to the great outdoors.
Since then, he has been most careful to make sure that if it breathes but is not human; it stays outside.
Which Ulmer boy found the frog??!?!?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stangl Family Visit!!

In February we enjoyed having the Stangl family come down for a visit!! We spent most of Saturday at a local gym playing volleyball. We enjoyed several hours of very fun games of both speed and regular volleyball. One of the last games was a speed game where the teams consisted of; (Team 1) the 4 parents, (Team 2) Seth, Ben, Ellie and Esther and (Team 3) Noah, Elizabeth, Tabitha and Zach. The parents team won!!!!! :)

Before heading to the gym, we had a tea-party!

Place mats.


The fancy ladies and gentlemen.

Naomi and Phoebe eating supper at the gym.

Time together!!


Group Shot!!

On Sunday afternoon the temperatures were warm, and with abudant sunshine, we headed out for a quick hike in the hills.

Our protection.....

Silas armed himself with a stout stick!! :)
Taking turns carrying the little ones.

Tying shoes....




and more racing!!

Our house!!

Crossing fences.

Tying shoes........ :)

We ended up at a pond that still had a thin layer of ice over it.

Trying to break through the ice with any available things (rocks, dirt clods, sticks etc...)!!

Thanks for coming, Stangls!! We're looking forward to next time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!

The answer to the last trivia is........


The year of 1993 brought heavy flooding to Kansas and Nebraska. As our midwife drove down from Nebraska for the birth, her normal route was flooded in many spots!! By the time she arrived little Tabitha was already here!!!

And the new trivia is--
What did Dad and Mom do for cheap fun when they were first married with young children??
A. Go outside and roll in mud puddles after it rained.
B. Decorate their faces with fruits and vegetables.
C. Sing with their head in a bowl of water.
D. Roll apples and oranges down their driveway with just their noses.
One of the above options is actually true!!! Leave your best guess!! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Butchering Beef.

In February we butchered our steers, Andrew and Matthias. We enjoy doing our butchering as a family, and processing the beef together. We are blessed to live in the country and be able to raise the steers!

Seth got to do the honors....

Slit the throat so it will bleed out.

The gutting.

Moses starts the skinning process.

Cutting it in half.

Quartering it into smaller pieces.

Bringing the beef inside.

I guess Noah's a bit hungry?? :)

The cutting up begins!!

Meat waiting to be ground.

Our trusty bosch grinder!!

Tabitha cutting.

One sweet and silly helper!

Grinding, grinding and more grinding!!

Several hundred pounds of meat later and we're done!!! Praise the Lord for safety and only one minor injury during the whole butchering process!!

And after it's all done--- fresh burgers for supper!! MMMMMM!!!