Monday, January 21, 2008

These Evenings at Home!!

During the winter our family enjoys many evening inside-- but we never lack for entertainment with Dad around!! :) He never ceases to make us laugh!! Follow the link for a short video of our hilarious Dad!!

Sometime Noah decides to make us laugh too!! :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

God's Protection.

On Thursday morning Noah went off the road on his way to work. We'd gotten about 5 inches of snow through the night, but it had been blowing so our main gravel road was almost completely clear. Noah was about 3 miles east of our house when he popped over a hill and found that the entire down-side of the hill was covered with snow. He didn't see it until he was on it, and he felt like he was going just a little to fast so braked to slow down. His car lost traction and slid right off the road, traveling at about 45mph. His car for several yards, plowing over several small cedar trees, narrowly missing a fence and then sliding to a halt against the edge of the ditch. Noah was wearing his seat-belt and was not thrown around. He was not harmed in any way- Praise the Lord!!

(If you look closely you can see his tracks, the fence, and his car in the thicket.)

The view of his car from the road.
Both of our older boys have been in accidents and could potentially have been seriously injured, but both times, they walked away un-harmed (see Seth's wreck , June 2006).

We are so grateful to the Lord for His hand of protection over us every day. He has kept us safe in so many situations. He is faithful!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ulmer Times.

Silas trying on Tommy's slippers!!

Playing Spoons- the beginning of the game-

Everyone fighting to get a spoon!!

Eating breakfast and visiting!!

Tommy is a master at card tricks!! Here Charity is practicing one he taught her!
Last week-end we were delighted to have Dad's brother and most of his family (we missed you, Shawn and Ashley!!) come for a visit!! They arrived Friday afternoon just in time to get out in the field and do some deer hunting, as Uncle Bernard and Tommy both had tags to fill. Tommy got his first shot off that night, but they never found the deer.
Saturday we spent a good part of the day hunting and as the light faded away that evening, we were successful! Uncle Bernard and Lydia were both able to bag a deer! Tommy got another shot, but although they searched for quite awhile, they never did find his deer. The hunters brought their trophies back home before we headed to a local gym to spend several hours playing volleyball.
After a rather late night we were sad to see them go when they headed back to the airport Sunday morning.

What better way to start a new Year then to spend time with people you love!!!
The hunters from L-R Lisa, Tommy, Seth, Micah, Uncle Bernard, Joshua, Lydia and Moses!

Thanks for coming, We Love you Guys!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Family Time.

One of the things we treasured most this Christmas was the time we got to spend together as a family!! What a joy to be together- Papa & Nana, all twelve children, both brother-in-laws, the three grandboys!! Great-Grandma got to be with us several times too!

Rebecca and Seth.

The three boys loved sledding with Uncle Moses!!

Rebecca and Justice.

The three grandboys with Great-Grandma!!

Uncle Sethy and Justice!

The Shepards!

Aunt Elizabeth and Marcus!!

The seven sisters!!

What can you say?? We like to make people laugh!
Whenever Silas, Justice and Paul are all together, we make sure to get aa picture of them together. It certainly was a funny scence- 4 cameras flashing crazily, 8 people trying to get the boys to smile simultaneously and the three boys who giggled, crawled away and took their shoes off.

All ready for a picture- except Paul- quite the little comedian!! :)

Paul, Uncle Silas and Justice!! What special little guys!!

Rebecca (chuckles)!!

"You mean those raspberry chews are for me!!!!!"

"I love my Aunt Esther."

Daddy and Elizabeth

Our adorable nephew Marcus gives me a grin!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Anson-- awww!!!!


Precious Smiles.

Noah and Esther!

Charity and Phoebe.

Uncle Seth and Marcus!!

Esther and Charity!

Uncle Micah and Justice!

Moses, Seth and Esther!!

Look- they're all sucking their thumbs!!! (It was Papa's idea!)
Papa and Nana with their three Grandsons!!
Family-- what a precious gift from God!!