Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blogging Troubles.......again!

Hello Friends,
My name is Trouble. I live in a computer, and to be more detailed, I live in a blogger-subdivision. I have been around for approximately 10 months, and even at such a young age, I have a full time job. This job is very complex and the benefits are lousy, but it is all I can do to keep afloat.
The object of my job is to terrorize the editor of this blog, and make things hard for her. She has found that I am very annoying and exasperating, but has come to realize that I am helping her develop the virtues of patience and self-control. There are days when I am sure she feels like throwing me and my home out the window; boy am I glad she is learning self-control!!!! :)
I have made my presence known in many different ways; either troubling her template or fouling up her links system, along with many other visits to her blogging world. Right now I am standing firmly in the way of her blogging pictures. Usually she gets rid of me pretty quickly, because she finds the problems I am causing and adjusts them. But this time, the problem is that my form of attack is still unidentified. Have you ever tried to solve a problem, but you had no clue what the problem actually was!?!?!? It is pretty tough, let me assure you!!!!
So, there is a very substantial reason why this blog has been so silent. It is all my fault. But, there is a silver lining in this dark cloud, and the silver part is that the problem I am causing CAN be fixed!!! It just needs a little more tinkering, and then there will once again be the regular flood of pictures and news.
So hold tight a little longer, hopefully it won't be too long until she finds the problem and I will take a break from bothering her.
Oh, and if any of you have any ideas what the problem I am causing could be, she sure needs all the help she can get!!!
May Your Blogging Days Be Happier Then Hers,
Mr. Trouble

Saturday, November 11, 2006

They're Home!!!

The Happy Aunties and Justice, who apparently isn't ready for the picture yet!! :)

This past week-end Esther, Charity and Phoebe traveled down to Parsons to visit Andrew, Rebecca and Justice!!! We sure missed them!!! They had a wonderful time, and especially enjoyed playing with Justice!!!
While Esther visited some friends on Tuesday, Rebecca and Justice took the girls to the park- a outing they enjoyed very much!!!
We're glad you are home girls; the house was so empty without you!!!

"My thumb and my Aunt Phoebe are my favorite things!!"

"Smaller bites, please, Aunt Charity!!"

For more pictures of their trip, visit Rebecca's Blog!!
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

We're Done!!!!

Our butchering season is over for the year!!! No more hauling water and feed twice a day to the birds, no more feathers, no more guts.......well, you get the picture!!
We finally finished our chickens last week; thanks to the help of dear friends (thank-you SO much, Wissmanns!!) we did our last 120 birds!!! Once again Scott's plucker was indispensable, enabling us to get the birds plucked a whole lot faster then we could have by hand!!! Our butchering season always has rewards and challenges, but there is nothing like that delightful feeling of not having to butcher any more birds until spring!!!! :)
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Ali's Visit!!!

Elizabeth and Aliisa!!!
The second to last week-end in October was extra special for our family as we welcomed Elizabeth's pen-pal and dear friend from Wisconsin!!!! Ali traveled down with Scott's Mom and spent 3 wonderful days with our family!!! Ali was a joy to have; serving where ever she could and fitting right in!!! The younger ones loved it when she would read to and play with them; Silas especially who called her Josiah until the day before she left!!! :)
Although it was cold, we had some tremendous games of football while she was here; in both of which she proved to be a invaluable player!! Ali's visit was short, which made for late nights talking!!!
Thank-you for coming Ali!!!! Come Again Soon!!!

Story time with Ali!!

(Sorry this post is so late!!)
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