Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quote of the Week!

Last week Lydia and Mom were driving home from food coop with helpers, Moses and Micah. Lydia had Mom take a back road and they ran into a few muddy spots. Being that the van is new, and Mom is the careful sort, she was not exactly taking these spots with enough aggression so as to not get stuck. (so they thought) Therefore Lydia and Moses were loudly cheering her on at one particular low spot with things like......... " GOOOO MOM, come on Mom hit will get stuck if you go that slow." Micah calmly piped in after the danger was past,

"Mom, sad as it might be, sometimes you just have to be like Esther."

Post by our guest reporter-- MOMMA U.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

Happy 27th Birthday, Andrew!!!
You are a wonderful husband to Rebecca and Justice couldn't ask for a better Dad!! It's awesome having you as our brother! We're so glad you are a part of our family!!
We Love You!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Fun in the Snow!!

Tuesday night we got several inches of snow-- just enough to keep Dad home for the day, as they called school off. The tractor wasn't starting and Dad wasn't feeling very good, so we didn't get to do any snowbounding, but Esther took the younger ones out for some games in the snow.

Phoebe is an expert snowball maker and has great aim-- watch out!!!

Micah trys to get away as Moses advances with a snowball!

Charity likes eating the snow!!

"I'll make a snowball to throw at the boys!"

"Um.... my gloves are covered with snow!!"

"Oh- Esther's is getting me!! Gotta think quick of a way to get away...."
" I'm laughing because......

.....I got snow in Esther's face!!"

Micah designing a special snowman!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ulmer Update!

It's February, and I've not posted in way too long!! Seth and Noah seldom get on the computer so I know I'm really behind in posting when they tell me I need to post!! :)
So here are a few glimpses from our past weeks!!
Phoebe working diligently on her math!!

Silas, Mommy and Charity!!

To play the game you put on the elephant mask, then try to get as many rings on your nose as you can-without you hands. It's more fun to watch the players then to play yourself!

Is anyone surprised that Dad joins in on the fun!??! :)

During the last days of hunting season Moses enjoyed having his friend Cameron over to go hunting. They got to go out a few times with some one older accompanying them. They saw a few deer (too far away to shoot), got really, really cold and loved every minute they spent in the field. They are now planning hunting adventures for this fall. :)

Phoebe and Aubrey!!
While the brother are out hunting, the sisters had fun inside playing together!!

On New Year's Eve Seth flew out to Mississippi for 5 days where he worked with a large crew building houses for Katrina victims. He arrived home and unpacked, got his clothes cleaned, packed and was headed back out just a few days later! This time he traveled to Las Vegas with his boss to a Concrete Convention. After eight days out West-- he's home!! We thrilled to have him back! We missed you, Seth!!

A birthday tea-party for our neighbors daughters- complete with snacks and cool crafts!!

Sisters Sewing-- oh the excitement of learning to use the sewing machine!!

During the summer we spend our evenings outside working around the farm or playing games together. During the winter the younger ones keep us supplied with creative and hilarious skits (it runs in the family, you know!!) complete with elaborate costumes!!

Butchering deer for friends---6 to be exact! Our family had a wonderful evening working together!!
Silas has started doing some school work with Mom and loves it!!! He's always eager to pull out his books.
Learning how to use the glue-stick!

Concentrating very hard!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marcus!!!

Today this adorable little fellow is 1 year old!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday, Marcus!!!
We Love You!!
Note--a post with pictures and updates coming soon!! :)