Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Paul!!
May you grow to know and love Jesus as your very Best Friend!!
We Love You!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowed In!!

We are officially snowed in!!!! 10 inches of snow + 20mph winds can make things really exciting!! And getting two 4-wheel trucks stuck adds even more excitement!!

But- we're not complaining!! Though the Ansons are unable to be with us due to Scott's work schedule, the Shepards were able to join us and we are enjoying every minute of time spent with them!

And; we are enjoying a visit with our dear adopted Uncle Tim, Aunt Karen & cousin Jenna from Pennsylvania. They flew out as a birthday surprise for Elizabeth, but missed their original return flight which was scheduled for Saturday morning. So we're excited to have an extended visit with them!! :)

This is our road- we're not going anywhere!!

The grader which normally clears our road is currently stuck in a 8-foot snow drift, but the County hopes to have our roads cleared by Sunday night.

Until then, let the snowball fights continue!! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answers to last week are:
A. Went crabbing in Alaska-- TRUE
B. Sang in the Lincokn Center, NYC--- TRUE
C. Won a Kansas-State triathalon--- FALSE
D. Taught himself violin--- TRUE
E. Was the editor of his high-school newspaper---- FALSE
And the new trivia is.............
What special traditions do our family enjoy every Christmas morning??

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 18th Birthday, Elizabeth!!!
(Elizabeth's birthday was December 14th.)
We Love You!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Beckman Bed & Breakfast.

In October our family and the Kroeker family enjoyed a week-end getaway at the Beckman Bed and Breakfast! First class hospitality, let me tell you!
What a wonderful week-end of fun and fellowship! The Beckmans live in Lindsborg, KS. where Dad & Mom both attended College along with Mr. Beckman and Mrs. Kroeker. Lots of memories in that town!!

The week-end began with surprising our friend Mark Kroeker for his birthday. He celebrated a significant birthday, and we just managed to pull off the surprise!

Brad Beckman sang in an all-mens choir one evening. It was wonderful to listen to!
On Saturday the Hyllngsfest Festivities began starting with a parade!! The temperature was very, very cold but we enjoyed the parade none-the-less!!
Watching and keeping warm!

Gathering candy!

Tabitha, Elizabeth & Kelsey

Scott, Lydia & Will.

Esther & Will.
One of the floats had a basketball hoop on the back.

Where's Marcus????

There he is!!

It wouldn't be a parade without tootsie rolls!



Hot Chocolate to warm you up!!



Our whole group!!!

Funnel cakes!!

Seth & Esther

Katy, Charity and Caroline

Lunch Time!

Despite the cold, the Beckman children participated in the swedish dancing!

Very cold!!
Later in the day, we had a great game of football!
While we big ones played, Silas and Paul had their own game.


Funny Faces.



Get the quarterback!!!

Finding the open receiver!

The whole group.
Thank-you Beckmans for a wonderful week-end!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!!

The answer to the last trivia is.................

C. Have a huge water-balloon fight with watermelon and brownies!!!

Water-balloon fights are great fun. And after the water balloons are all emptied, we usually emptied the pool too!!! :) Our biggest water balloon fight included 1000 water balloons!!



Watermelon seed spitting contest-- who can spit the seeds the farthest!?!?!?

Before the fight........


2000-- we celebrated rain or shine!!

In Action!!

And the new trivia is..........

We have a great Dad!! Most of you have the privilege of knowing him but; how well do really know him?? You have five questions, the answers to which are either true or false!
A. Went crabbing in Alaska.
B. Sang in the Lincoln Center, NYC.
C. Placed second in a Kansas State triathalon.
D. Taught himself violin.
E. Editor of his high-school newspaper.

Happy Guessing!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Being Five Means......

....loosing your first tooth!!

Silas lost his first tooth right after his birthday. He wiggled it and wiggled it, then had Daddy pull it with the help of some floss and the bathroom door.

Still the same smile!! We love our boy!