Thursday, December 30, 2010

Micah & Esther Nelson- September 4th 2010

Finally............the long awaited wedding post!! :)
Photos by Bethany Beasley and Anna Rehm.
Micah and Esther's whirlwind romance was a joy to be a part of. It was a treasure to see the
Lord draw their hearts together and knit them together as one. As their friendship and commitment deepened, we all began the excited preparations for their wedding-- September 4th, 2010!!
Micah asked Esther to marry him on July 7th, so the wedding fell into place in just a few weeks. The main priority was to glorify the Lord, and this couple spared no effort to keep Christ the #1 focus of their relationship and wedding. The presence of the Lord was evident as He saw His children become one.
Seth was the one to escort Esther to the church that morning. For years, Seth has been the ultimate older brother- Esther's protector, confidant and buddy. From playing playmobile together to getting her to the church on time, Seth has been there every step of the way. It was a bittersweet moment for him to escort her for the very last time.

Esther's new sister-in-laws arranged Esther's hair. They did a beautiful job!!

One minute we were tiny girls playing dolls together on the porch, and now, I'm watching her get married. The memories.........the good times.........the excitement to see her marry the man of her dreams.

Finishing touches.............but her mind's not really on her dress!! In just moments, she gets to see Micah!! :)

Noah and his two best friends.

::The ceremony::

Daddy gives his daughter away.

Micah & Esther saved their first kiss for their wedding!

We're married!!! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Micah Paul Nelson!

Neither Micah or Esther are big cake eaters-- but they are both big on icecream!! Their wedding was one-of-a-kind with icecream sundaes!!

Time to say goodbye!

The getaway to happily ever after!!

Since that blessed day, this couple has continued to fall even more in love. They are settled in Omaha, Nebraska and are the cutest couple you ever did see.

We love you, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson!

(My apologies for this dreafully over-due post!! I don't typically make many New Year's Resolutions, but I did make a few this year-- and one of them pertained to blogging. :) I don't expect to win the best blogger of the year award, but hopefully 2011 will hold a few more posts!)