Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ulmer Times.

Driving into Alburquerque.
We left Seneca at 9pm Thursday night and spent the night on the road. Mom started out driving until 11, then Noah took over until 2, Seth took his shift until 6 and then Dad finished us out when we arrived in Alburquerque at 10:45. We were able to take 2 seats out of the bus which gave us room to put in a mattress in the back, plus a second mattress in the aisle so that two people could lay down and sleep while we traveled.
After a 14 hour drive, we arrived in Alburquerque to spend 2 and 1/2 precious days with Dad's brother and sisters. What a joy to be with them all!!!
Moses uses up a little energy after our 14 hour night in the bus.

Micah, Moses, Parker and Joshua.

Mauri and Charity.

Parker and Silas.

After three days, we had a little bit of laundry!!

Enjoying the pool at the hotel where we stayed.

Noah, Esther, Seth and Elizabeth at the wedding.

Phoebe and Silas all dressed up.

Shawn and Ashley light the Unity Candle.

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Ulmer!!

--The Car--
While the boys blew up 72 balloons to stuff into the jeep, Esther tried to find a recycling center. There was one a little closer then she thought- only 50 yards away from where the jeep was parked behind the church!! A couple armfulls later and the car was packed!!!

Thanks to Aunt MaJana, we had plenty of pop cans to tie behind the jeep!

Trying to find some room in the jeep to sit!!

Saying Farewell!!

Sweet Phoebe!

Dancing Sweethearts.

The view from the park was simply stunning!!
We had a absolutely wonderful day in the park Sunday. We gathered together at 11 for a time of worship where our cousin Tommy shared a powerful message with us. After a picnic lunch we played sports for several hours-- volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Football. We took a break for supper before we finished out the day with another game of volleyball. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed spending time together as family.

Silas and Great-Aunt Beth talk Boeing for a walk!!

With many players available, we played a exciting game of rotational volleyball!!

Grilling expertise must run in the family- Uncle Bernard grilled us a fabulous lunch!!

Lisa (Tommy's Girl-friend) serves.

More Volleyball!
---Bus Moments---
Daddy Driving.

Making Lunch for a Hungry Crew!!

Eating Lunch.

Not exactly the most comfortable way to sleep!!

We had such a special time with our family, there are just not enough words to espress what a delightfull time we had with them. Spending time with Uncles and Aunts and Cousins- creating memories we will all cherish forever- We Love You, Ulmers and Fernandes!!!
(A big thank-you to those of you who were praying for our traveling safety. We had a perfectly safe trip with no mechanical issues with the bus- Praise the Lord!! Thank-you for your prayers!!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Micah!!!

Happy 11th Birthday, Micah!!!
It's hard to believe it's been 11 years already since our Micah Joel joined the family!!
And what a blessing he is to us!!!
Micah has a tender heart and is a great comforter to those who are hurting. And he's the first to volunteer if you need a hug to cheer you up!!! Micah is a great helper to Dad, lending a hand in all his projects- building things for his Mom and sisters. He very thoughtfully arranges to take us girls on fishing trips for our birthdays too. :) Micah is very creative and likes to think up inventions- he has a whole folder full of designs!!
Happy Birthday, Micah!!
We Love You!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're Heading West!!!

My apologizies for the lack of posts here on the blog. This is not because we have nothing to post about. We are having computer troubles once again. The computer is not operating right now, which limits our computer time extensively.
As of right now, we aren't sure when the computer will be fixed, so there will be few posts until we get that problem resolved.
On Thursday night our family is leaving at about 8:30 and heading West. Our travels will take us to Alburquerque, New Mexico to attend our cousin Shawn's wedding on Saturday. We hope to arrive in NM mid-morning on Friday, and will stay until Monday morning when we will begin our drive home, arriving back in Kansas is time for Noah to do the night milking at the dairy. We are all very excited for this trip- for the time we will spend as a family and for the Uncles, Aunts and cousins we will get to be with. Please keep our family in your prayers this week-end-- for safety as we travel and well-running bus.
We'll be posting eventually with lots of pictures, but it won't be until next week!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Fun..

Last year our family spent Labor Day week-end at home; enjoying family time and roofing a new shed. This year Daddy had a list of projects for us to tackle over the course of the week-end, so hammers pounded, chainsaws buzzed, mowers hummed and faces smiled as we crossed project after project off the list!! Of course, every so often we'd take a break for an acitivity or treat Dad had planned- Ulmers love brownies and ice-cream!! Dad and Seth both had off Saturday and Monday, and Noah was able to get Monday afternoon off, so we had some great family time!!

Finding our front flower beds was a adventure. But after 13 million weeds, 17,000 grasshoppers and 1,600 spider webs, we finally found the flower beds again!! :)

Seth mowing.

With lots of little trees to be cut down, Moses kept busy with the handsaw.

Seth and Silas fixing the mower!! Thanks guys!

Our Little Mechanic!!

Mom shampooing the carpet!

Cutting stumps.

Hanging Gutters.

Silas doesn't like to get into the pool, but he likes to kick with his feet!!

What a better way to end the day then a dip in the pool with Daddy?!?!

Phoebe, Tabitha and Charity enjoying some sister-time on horse-back!!

Aunt Tabitha and Paul!

"Open up your mouth Paul!!"
One night after supper we had pudding cups. Silas and Paul were sitting next to each other and Silas began sharing his pudding with Paul. He would get a spoonfull, taste a teeny bit off the end of the spoon, and give the rest to Paul. It was precious to watch them!!

Worlds of Fun with Stangls!!

The last Friday in August found us once more entering the gates at Worlds of Fun in KC. The Stangl family was down in Kansas for a visit- their youngest four joined Mom at home, while we older 5 joined them at Worlds of Fun. We had a wonderful day running from ride to ride with them. Although thunderstorms were predicted throughout the day, the showers held off until we exited the park- then there was a downpour as we ran for the van!!
Unfortunately our camera decided to take a break and wouldn't operate from the first moment we stepped into the park. But, thanks to Mrs. Stangl, we have some pictures to share!! :)

One of the best rides of the day- the Thunderhawk!!
From left to right- Esther, Zach, Ellie, Elizabeth, Susanna, Ben, Lydia, Seth, Joe, Tabitha and Noah.

-The Wildcat-

There was no line for the bumper cars, so we enjoyed many jolting drives!! :)

Tabitha and Joe brave the Wilcat!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Praise the Lord!!

Last Tuesday when I sat down to make a quick post about our computer troubles, I was more then a little worried. Our computer was down, but with Noah's laptop to check email occasionally, we could live without it for however long it took to be repaired. We suspected that our computer trouble was a crashed hard-drive. If that was the case, everything on the computer was lost. Almost everything was backed up, so if it was hard-drive failure, we could live without most of it...except for one thing.

All of our 2007 (and a few 2006) pictures.

When I first discovered that the computer wasn't functioning, my immediate thought was, "Oh no!! All our pictures!!" Because our CD burner doesn't operate, I hadn't backed up any of the pictures from this year. If the hard-drive had failed, all of our pictures would be gone- the only ones we'd have from this year would be the few I'd posted here on the blog!!

But, Praise the Lord, it was not hard-drive failure!!! A friend in our local home-school group is a computer expert and graciously agreed to take a look at our ailing computer. He was able to get it back in running order in a very short time, so we now have the computer back for use!!

With a busy week-end of family time and home projects planned, computer time will be scare, but you can start looking for some updates on Tuesday or Wednesday!!

A big thank-you to Austin, for his help!!