Sunday, August 31, 2008

Visitors from the East.


We were delighted to have two of Mom's siblings and their families come for 4 days in mid August!! Both of them still live on Long Island, where Mom grew up. Uncle Drew and his family drove out and arrived in Kansas City on Monday around noon. Aunt Dorie's family flew into the KC airport at 12:30. Our three families, plus the Shepards, spent the afternoon and evening in Kansas City as we waited for Noah's flight that night!
Having Lunch in KC.

Heather and Justice.


Jason ride an automatic bull!!

And after a little coaxing, Seth took a turn too!

In the shooting range at Cabelas!

In front of some of the trophies on display in Cabelas.

Gotaa love the hats!!

Or maybe we like these better!

It's bright in here!!

Enjoying time together!

Finally, it was time to head back to the airport to meet Noah's plane!! His flight was scheduled to come in at 10:30pm and was just a few minutes early. As they started to unboard, we waited, and waited and waited!! He was sitting in the last seat in the plane, and was the very last passenger to get off the plane!!
Anxiously waiting for him to get off the plane!!

And he's here!!!

The next several hours were full of smiles and laughter as we gathered his luggage, loaded up in the bus and headed for home!! We listened to Noah describe his past 3 days and tell us highlights from his trip. We are so thankful to have him home again!!

With so many people in the bus (our family, plus the cousins), we had some hysterical games going!!
Gotta love the expressions!

The Shepards were at the airport to meet Noah, and we were thrilled when they came on up to the house to spend Tuesday with us!!
Andrew had brought a few of his firearms and several roudns of ammo, so we enjoyed some target practice!!
Uncle Drew.





Jason, Victoria, Esther and Chad.

Andrew had the best aim of us all! :)

Chad and Tabitha.




Esther, Victoria, Heather and Catie.

Our tv recently quit working, so we hauled it out to shoot at.

Unloading the tv.

The two that got to shoot the TV.

The TV meets it fate.

The fast way to cool off!! :)

Noah slept almost all of Tuesday, but once he was up, he dived into his suitcases to show us the treasures he had brought home!
Silas loves his chinese costume!

Phoebe got a outfit too, with hand-made shoes and a parasol!

Noah is thrilled to back with his horses!

Cowgirl Catie.


Uncle Drew.

Man-made tower. :)

A noisy game of spoons!


Uncle Drew taking a turn throwing!


Victoria, Esther, Jason and me.

Hiding out in the walk-in cooler!! :)
(They got over heated while outside, so went in there for a quick cool-down!!)

The 'Triplet Cousins'! The three of them were born within 3 months of each other!!

The Homan family!

Getting ready to say good-bye early Friday morning!

Aunt Dorie, Mom and Uncle Drew with Grandma.
We had a fantastic week with them; playing volleyball, taking walks, playing sequence (Esther and Jason were nearly undefeatable!!), and catching up on everything that has happened since we saw them last!! (We missed Uncle Billy; he couldn't come due to work schedules, but we thought of him lots!!)
The Cousins!!!