Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wissmann Visit.......

This summer our family had the privilege of raising some broilers for some dear friends. When the time came to butcher their birds, we enjoyed the 'excuse' to get together!!!! We enjoyed spending last Saturday with the Wissmann Family butchering and visiting. Despite the cold, rainy weather, we got 76 birds done in about 4 1/2 hours; thanks to Scott's fantastic plucker and many helping hands.
After the butchering was over, our families enjoyed lunch and spending the afternoon together.
Thank-you for coming, Wissmanns!!! Enjoy your chickens!! :)

Scott's Plucker at Work.

Cleaning out gizards....

We all enjoyed our turns holding precious Charissa!!!
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Silas!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Silas!!!!
Two years ago today, we received a special blessing from the Lord!!! After three years, another baby!! And after eight years, another boy!!!! We were so excited for the baby to come!!!
Silas is such a special blessing; quick to smile, quick to say "sorry", quick to try and tickle you!!!
May you always love to pray, and may you follow Jesus always!!!!
~We Love You!!!!
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Cute Nephews!!!

"That sure is funny, Uncle Micah!!!"

I can't help but post a few pictures of my nephews now and then...they are simply TOO cute!!! :)

"I'm smiling, Aunt Elizabeth!!!"

"I LOVE Papa and Nana's House!!!!" :)

"Can I give you a kiss, Aunt Phoebe?!?!?"
Now, if only we had some nieces........ :)
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baltensperger Wedding!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Weddle!!
This past Saturday our family had the immense pleasure of attending the wedding of Emily Baltensperger and Allyn Weddle!!! We have known Emily for several years, but it was just this past year that we got to know Allyn!!!
What a blessing for our family to attend two weddings this past month where the bride and groom had sought the blessings of their parents and the Lord!!
Esther was asked to be the food cordinator for the reception (and she did a terrific job!!), and various members of our family were helping serve the meal as well. Emily and Esther spent several hours laying out the many important details so that everything could go smoothly!!!
Our family so enjoyed helping in the reception, and being part of their special day!!!
A few snap-shots from the reception!!!! :)

The beautiful bride and most of the "Kitchen Girls"!!!

We enjoyed working along-side dear friends, whose hard work ensured that the reception went off without a hitch!!!

God Bless You, Allyn and Emily!!!
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Pyle Wedding!!

Last Saturday our family was blessed to wittness the wedding ceremony of the oldest daughter of some of our dear friends. What a joy to see two young people pursue the Lord together!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Pollock!!

Mother and Daughter(s)- saying Good-bye!!

Run for the Car!! :)

The Get-Away Truck!!!
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Happy Birthday, Charity!!!!

We are Celebrating Again!!! Happy 8th Birthday, Charity!!
How excited we all were that night when Dad and Mom brought you home from the hospital!!! A new sister!!! I especially remember your arrival home, because I had poison ivy and couldn't hold you for several days!!! I was so disappointed, but then so thrilled when I finally got to hold you!!!
You are such a blessing in our home, Charity!!! Always ready to lend a hand to anyone needing help, you are so good at remembering those little things for everyone!!!
May You Grow Closer to Jesus Each Day!!!
~We Love You!!!!!
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