Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Irregular Posting...

The next few weeks will be very quiet on the Ulmer blog. We're experiencing some computer trouble, so our computer access will be limited. As of right now, we aren't sure why exactly the computer quit, but our computer genius friend has agreed to take a look at it, so we'll find out what is wrong sometime in the next week, probably.
Stay tuned- as soon as we've got the computer back up and running, we'll be back with lots of pictures and updates.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Family Fun!!

Last Thursday, Grandma blessed our family with an incredible treat- tickets to Worlds of Fun amusement park! What a day that was!! Full of unforgetable experiences- flipping upside down on the twisty ride "Patriot", jerking and sliding on the Spinning dragons, the nerve-wracking climb up to the crest of the giant Mamba before you plunge down a 250 foot drop at 75 mph!!
Some of the pictures aren't the best quality, but speeding roller coasters are tricky to capture!!

On-board the thrilling ride "The Patriot"!!
The last row of seats- Noah, Tabitha, Esther and Seth.

Phoebe and Silas enjoying their cotton candy- yummy!!

Climbing up the creaky wooden roller coaster....

Micah gives Dad a grin just before he hits the race-track!!

Seth and Tabitha are in the second car, Esther and Noah in the first.

Flying upside-down on "The Boomerang"!!!
Seth, Esther, Noah and Tabitha are in the second car.

Grandma pushed Silas and Phoebe all over the park!

One of the attractions we didn't participate in (primarily because there was a additional cost for it) was "The Ripcord"- a 20o foot free fall. It was quite fascinating for us to watch the people who flew screaming through the air!!

Seth and Micah during their ride on 'the Spinning Dragons'!

-The Timberwolf-
Seth is 4 cars from the front.

-The Scrambler-
Dad and Charity are in the back-ground and Moses and Micah are in the front.

Noah and Grandma on the Ferris Wheel!
(My apologies for how blurry that picture is!!)

Our smiling (sweating!!) crew!
We all thoroughly enjoyed our day!!
Thank-you Grandma!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer Snapshots.

Has it been two weeks since my last post already??? I guess it's time for a update!!!
July was a busy month in our home- walking beans, putting up garden produce, milking cows, enjoying little nephews, horse-back riding, swimming, building houses - not to mention all the everyday work to keep the house running, and celebrating 7 birthdays- 5 of them in just one week!! And now that it's August, it is time to finish up our summer projects and get ready to start school up again!!
I've collected a bunch of pictures from our past weeks, to try and give you a glimpse of just what we've been up to!
Aunt Phoebe and Marcus share a special moment.

There is nothing better then to jump in the pool on a hot day!!

Fresh beets from the garden- yummy!!

Helping shuck corn for supper!!!

Oh-- Aunt Esther likes to tickle Justice!!!

Another chicken-eating badger eliminated; thanks Micah!!

Freezing Green-Beans!!

A Massive construction project Seth has been working on this summer.

Bright and Sunny out- perfect for a horse-back-ride!!

A Banana Split- the perfect treat for a birthday boy!!

There are always several helpers for Daddy when he's working on a project- this time we're building a chicken pen!!