Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Micah!!

Happy 12th Birthday, Micah!!!

Micah you are growing up so quickly!! We are so blessed to have you in our family, from your jokes and smiles to your help with our family projects- chopping thistles, butchering and building the shed! We're praying that the Lord will shape you into a wise, faithful man who fears the Lord!!
We Love You!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Texas Trip.

The first week-end in September our family drove down to Texas to attend our cousin Preston's wedding! We were thrilled to spend time with Dad's three siblings and our cousins. We left Thursday night and broke up the 9 hour drive be staying with Aunt MaJana in Oklahoma City for a few hours over night. Friday morning we were up at driving again at 8:30 and we arrived in the Dallas area around noon.

Silas was the ring-bearer at the wedding and he was simply elated to be involved! He wore a tux to the wedding and he absolutely loved it. He was extremely sad to take it off that night!!


And more sleeping.......

--Smiling Sisters--
"I love 'vesteses' and shoes."

Silas was totally thrilled with his tux.
How many people does it take to get him ready?

Trying to look grownup (just too cute!!!)!!
Totally adorable!
Esther and Tabitha helping Joshua with his tie!
Helping prepare for the rehearsal dinner.
Quite the dramatic exit!!
Dad sharing a song after the rehearsal.
Preston gave his groomsmen air-soft guns!
The Bride and Groom-to-be with their parents!!
Shawn started getting good use out of his gun right away!
The mothers lighting the candles.
Here he comes!!
Here comes the Bride.
Right after they sat down, the flower girl dropped her basket, which was still full of petals (she only dropped 3 petals on the aisle on the way in!!)! She didn't notice, but Silas did! He was shocked, so gently patted her arm until she realized......and instantly got down to start picking up all the petals. She got every single one, and put them back in her basket!
The Vows.
"Hi Dad!"
The Unity Candle.

Mr. & Mrs. Preston Ulmer!
A little bit tired.

"Hmm....this bench has holes in it!"

They both did a great job sitting still, but they found things to distract them. :)

Headed out!

Phoebe, Mauri and Charity.
Silas playing with Shawn and Ashley.
Silas smiled perfectly for the formal pictures.

Playing thumb-war.
Cutting the cake.
Aunt Texye and Lisa.
Lisa and Esther.

A close-up of the cake. (Which was one of the best wedding cakes ever!)
Silas loved the cake.

"This is my handsome look!"

Blowing Bubbles.
Leaving the church.
One very happy couple!
Their get-away vehicle!
Preston and his Mom.

Uncle Bernard and Aunt Judy.
Silas thought the music was perfect to crawl across the floor to!
"It's my time to relax."
Mauri and Preston.
Uncle Mitch and Aunt Texye.
Noah and Silas.
Decorating the car.

The car looked great when they finished!
Blowing balloons.
Enjoying one of the very cute babies at the wedding!
Tabitha caught the bouquet!!
On Sunday afternoon all the friends and family who were still in town gathered together at a beautiful park for worship, lunch and volleyball. Our last hours in Texas were filled with precious moments together with our loved ones.
Setting up the volleyball net.
Silas loved getting cooled off this way!
Let the games begin!!
Taking a break.
Dad and his three siblings.
Funny Faces.

Silas and Mauri!
Uncle Bernard and Micah.
Elizabeth and Aunt Judy!

Micah going for the sack.
Joshua, Micah, Parker and Moses.
Saying Goodbye!

Silas and Ashley.

The view driving through Dallas.

Waving goodbye!!
Snuggling together on the drive home!