Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answer is.............
Baby #1----

Baby #2----


Good Guessing Ya'll!!!

And the new trivia is-

One of our little boys had trouble getting his words straight as a very little youngster!! Just to name a few----
"Please pass the banoccoli (broccoli)."

"These nurdles (noodles) are very good."

"Are we going to get some bikinis (kiwis)???"

Which Ulmer boy can pronounce his words properly now??
(My apologies for the late trivia posting!! We were down yesterday with the flu.)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Northern Travels.

While Seth and Esther were headed South, Noah and I were headed North!! We took a quick trip up to Wisconsin to visit our friends the Klahns! It was a great brother/sister trip!
I had been scheming with Mrs. Klahn, and we managed to keep the visit a total secret from Ali!! Our arrival was a complete surprise!! The look on her face when we walked in was pricesless!!
We arrived Friday night, and didn't have to leave until Tuesday morning, so we enjoyed our three wonderful days of fun and fellowship!!!

Snapshot in Wisconsin.

Mr. Klahn and the boys have been to China before, so Noah brought his China souvenirs to show them.

Anja-- what a cutie!

Aleks and me.

Future dish-washer. :)

Noah and Jake (who really, really, really likes Noah!!)!!

On Saturday the boys had a basketball game. So we all went to the game to cheer them on!

Emmy, Grace and a friend cheering on the boys.

Ali and Jake.

Maybe a future basketball player?!?!?


Getting instructions from the coach.

Jake enjoyed his M&M's more than he enjoyed the game!! :)

Ali and Elsie watching the game.

It was an exciting game!! The final score was 59 to 54-- the boys team won!!

Zack getting his foul shot.

Playin' Checkers!!

Noah with Emmy and Grace!

Playing with Jake.

The view from their kitchen window!!

Lunch at Pizza-Hut!!

Noah did all the driving. He is a very safe driver! I was glad he did the driving on the way back when we hit some patches of bad weather!!

Me & Ali!!

Thanks for having us, Klahns!! We miss you guys!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answer to the last trivia is a bit more complex!!!
Ice-cream cake!!

Fruit-- like the one year Tabitha got a case of cherries for her birthday treat, or the time Seth got 2 dozen kiwis for his treat.

Chicken Casserole (Rebecca asked for this almost every birthday!!)

Root-beer Floats!


(And Seth requests Potato Salad on every single birthday.)
Because over there are so many birthdays in July, during that month we always have our big 'birthday party'! Instead of ice-cream and cake, the treats are watermelon and brownies!

--Some Honorable Mentions--
Corn Dogs and Macaroni and Cheese (this was very popular when we were under 10).
Shrimp Stir-fry.
Tofu Cheesecake (Blueberry usually).
Ranch Chicken.
And this week's trivia is-----

Who are these two babies???

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Seth and I (Esther) were able to start out our new year with a Awesome trip together. Having brother/sister time to talk and laugh was so much fun! We were able to travel to several states that neither of us had been through before which was exciting. The main purpose of going was to visit our Uncle, Aunt and two cousins, who live in Florida.

Traveling together.

Alabama and Louisiana terrain is gorgeous.

::Fun Tunnels::

On Friday we went with our Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dan to a beautiful park. After the Park they gave a us a royal tour of Ocala. We ended our tour in a small Italian shop and we enjoyed eating yummy canolies!!

The park was full of flowers and shrubs and cool fountains!

After site-seeing in the big City we traveled to the beach and enjoyed watching the sunset.
With the temperatures mid to high 80's, they felt chilly and were 'bundled up' in long sleeves!! Coming from Kansas where the high was around 23 degrees, we were loving every minute of the warm air!!
Aunt Sarah, Me, Uncle Dan and Jessica.

Taking in the quiet, still moments.

The beautiful Sunset.

Fun cousin time!!

Early Saturday morning Jessica, Bethany, Seth and I climbed into the car and headed to Orlando. We spent the morning and most afternoon in a fun place; the Wonder House!! So many things to see and do there!!

Seth trying the astronaut suit! Pretty serious looking :)

We all tried out the Bed of Nails!!
After a morning of fun we went to Friendlies for Root-Beer floats....Mmmmmm!!
Jess & Seth.

Bethany and Me.

On Sunday we had to head back home-- but we had a wonderful trip full of great memories!! We were so glad to see them all again!
Thanks so much for having us guys!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answer to last week's trivia is------
10 moves!!
Dad grew up about 15 minutes from where we now live, and Mom grew up on Long-Island. After they married they settled into their first house in Topeka, KS.
House #1, Their first house was in Topeka, KS. Mom is about 13 months pregnant with Rebecca in that picture..........okay, not quite..........:)

House #2, and a cozy little aparment in Topeka, KS.
Cute little Rebecca became a big sister!!

House #3 was Dad and Mom's final house in Topeka.

House #4, brought the family East-- to Gatlinburg Tennesse!!

House #5, nestled up in the moutains in Pigeon Forge Tennesse!!

House #6, in Raleigh/Durham North-Carolina!!

House #7, brought the family to Mars, Pennsylvania, where the arrival of baby Seth made 5.

House #8, was also in Mars, Pennsylvania--- and Esther joined the family!

House #9, was in Pitsburgh Pennsylvania. When Noah was three weeks old, the family packed up and made the several-hundred mile move to our 10th house. Rebecca had just turned 9, and was moving into her 10th house!!

We moved out West to be near Dad's folks. Out to the old Poppe homestead, where Dad's Grandma had lived as a little girl. Mom was a city girl ,born and bred, and it was no small adjustment getting used to living in the country. (And those of you who have been out to our place know that you can just about see the end of the earth from our front porch-- it's way out in the sticks!!)
But what a great place to raise a family!!

Over the years our house has changed face more than once--inside and out!! Grandma has added siding, re-shingled, remodeled the back-porch, replaced the siding after a gigantic storm, replaced the shingles with tin, remodeled the kitchen and bathroom, painted, trimmed, etc.......And of course the inside of the house changes constantly because we have a Mommy who loves to re-arrange her furniture!!!

We're grateful for the where the Lord has placed us here in our corner of Kansas.
After 18 years here, the whole farm echoes with many precious memories from through the years.
And the new trivia is...............
A special tradition in our family is that on your birthday, the birthday boy/girl is allowed to choose the menu. Through the years there has been a variety of favorites, and yet there are a few dishes that have been requested on at least one birthday a year for years.
So the trivia is--
"What birthday meals/treats have been the most-requested?"

(Special permission is hereby issued for Andrew and Scott to enter their guesses, if they so choose. But bribing your sweet wives for clues is not permitted. ---smile---)
So, let the guessing begin-- and good job to those who guessed accurately last week!