Friday, October 24, 2008

Apple Cider!!

One of our favorite fall activities is making apple cider!! Harvesting the bright red and yellow apples, watching them tumble through the press and then tasting the results!! This year it was a group effort as we joined forces with a few other families to process 80 bushels of apples.

On Friday afternoon we went to the orchard to pick the apples. With several people picking, it didn't take very long!
Heading out for some Apple-picking!

Silas' first priority was eating......:)

The trees were just loaded with apples!


Tabitha our cheerful apple-pickin' girl!

Gabe would dump the buckets full of apples into the skid bucket.

Phoebe found a big apple!


"Can I have some of the apples from your bucket to put into mine??"

Working together!

Dumping apples.

"Look what I found!!"

The bigger boys had the job of climbing into the tree and shaking the branches.

The ground would then be covered with apples to pick up!

Marveling at God's creation!!

The bucket full of apples!

The wagon was brimming full when we were finished!!

::Making the Cider::
Early Saturday morning we were up and loading into the bus. We enjoyed fellowshipping while we worked away!! Many hands made light work as the day flew by!!
Silas filled bucket with apples for us to wash!

Phoebe dumping apples to be washed.

Between the four families present, there were seven middle aged boys. They loved running the press! They formed teams to see who was faster. They were terrific workers!! Amazingly enough, they still had energy to play football when we were done!! :)

Micah taking a turn cranking.

Mmmm........looks delicious!
Charity pouring the cider into jugs.

Finding unusual apples!

Apple King!! :)

The finished product!!
(A big thank-you to the Meyer family for the apples!!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Silas!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Silas!!
Our precious Silas-boy turned 4 on Sunday!
We're so grateful to the Lord for Silas, he is such a special blessing in our home!! Our lives would not be the same without his smiles and hugs.
We love you!!
Muscle Man!
(Pictures and updates coming soon!!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Charity!!

Happy 10th Birthday, Charity!!

We're so grateful that the Lord put Charity in our family!! Charity always has a smile or a hug for everyone, and we love her bright attitude in our home.

We Love You!!

(Charity's birthday was October 2nd, but we were unable to post about it until now due to our computer troubles.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mayo Family Visit.

The last few days of September brought the Mayo Family here to our home for a visit! We were blessed to spend time with them, playing games and fellowshipping!!
Here are some pictures from our time together.
Playing dress-up!!

Anna and Sam.

The younger girls loved jumping on the trampoline together!

We enjoyed some great games of volleyball while they were here.

Rotation volleyball games were especially fun!!

More volleyball.....

And more volleyball!
We also played a game of 2-on-2; Seth and Esther verses Mr. Mayo and Elizabeth. The first game was a swift victory for Mr. Mayo and Elizabeth, but during the second game they fell behind and Seth & Esther claimed that round! We ran out of time to have the final game before they left-- we'll have to play that game next time!!

Saturday was expecially warm, so we enjoyed an outdoor water game!

More water fun!
Sam was happily occupied splashing water on himself!

The pool was also still up, and it was refreshingly cool!

We also had a bonfire; one of our favorite fall activities!!

Silas and Sam were good buddies.

Smiling Silas!

Jessica loaded the roasting sticks with hot-dogs.

Sam loved playing with Noah!

Eating watermelon!

Margaret and Abby helped Esther make cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

Matching shirts.

The girls loved it when Seth would bounce them on the trampoline.

Horse-back rides.

Reading books.

Too cute.

The whole family!

Maggie, Charity and Elizabeth.

Tabitha and Anna.

Esther and Jessica.

Some of the girls.
The Moms.

Saying Good-bye!!
Thank-you for coming Mayo Family!! We enjoyed having ya'll!!