Monday, March 31, 2008


We were recently alerted that we accidentally left out a picture of our dear brother-in-law Scott from our latest post; a true tragedy to be sure!! So we wanted to make sure we got a picture of him on the blog.

We love you, Scott!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, I'm long overdue in updating once again!!! Our blog has been sadly neglected these past few weeks; I have been working on an update but didn't get it all together until today-- sorry for the delay folks!! The weather has started to warm up considerably, staying up in the 60's during the day-- after bitterly cold temperatures in February, we are enjoying every chance to get outside! We've been busy, and things are only getting busier as the guys are working longer days due to the nice weather and we're preparing for our first batch of chickens in 2 weeks.
Silas and Phoebe.

Making BLTs for birthday supper.

Moses with his birthday ice-cream cake-- oh SO good!

The Stangl family came for a visit over the weekend. We enjoyed playing games, visiting and fellowshiping together Sunday morning while their family was here.
The weather was delightful and many of us enjoyed a picnic lunch after church on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon our families spent several hours at the gym playing volleyball. We had some terrific games!

Phoebe and Julia in their matching purple dresses!

Our new little colt loves to be outside!

The Ansons invited us over for lunch on Palm Sunday. Lydia and Great- Grandma cooked up a feast and we all enjoyed spending the afternoon together!!
Uncle Noah and Paul. (When Paul saw Noah looking at a magazine, he ran and got one for himself!)

Lydia, Charity and Phoebe made delicious chocolate cupcakes with coconut on top!!

Pauly gives me a grin during lunch.

We had two girls from our home-school group spend the day with us recently. Charity and Phoebe loved playing with Jessica and Lizzie!

Moses bringing in the laundry.

Silas is our big helper hanging out laundry!

Esther and Elizabeth made a short trip recently to visit some dear friends. We had a wonderful time together--playing musical instruments, shopping at thrift-stores, playing Dutch Blitz, and of course, talking!!
Micah Noel, Elizabeth, Bryant and Esther.

Umm.....something doesn't look quite right about this picture!! :)

The ice-storm downed several big branches from the trees around our house. Dad made the rounds with the chainsaw and now Moses is going around hauling off the branches to be burned!

Loading up larger logs for bonfires.

Helping brush Sandy (the day before her baby was born)!

We were thrilled to have the Shepards come visit over Easter. Justice is growing so much, and talking quite a bit!
Uncle Micah helping Justice learn how to use the pedals.

Helping Daddy gather eggs.

"I want to catch a chicken!"

Justice loved sitting 'on the big horsey'.

Enjoying the chalk Great-Grandma got for them!

Justice loved walking on Uncle Seth!

Playing legos.

'Lamb Cake'-- our Resurrection Day breakfast!

One of our family traditions is our Resurrection day treasure hunt. Mom selects words from the Resurrection story (Words like; 'Last Supper', 'Vinegar', 'Crown of Thorns', 'Rooster', just to name a few.) writes them on little slips of paper inside of squares of brightly colored tissue paper. We hide them throughout the yard for the younger ones to find. Once they are collected, we open them up and read the words and say what the words have to do with the Resurrection story. This has been wonderful way to help instill the precious story of Jesus' death and Resurrection in our lives from a young age!
Group picture before they all scatter for the treasure hunt.

Ahh-- Micah found one!

Getting ready to open their packages!
The treasure hunt is over, so now they get to open their little packages, discuss the words and eat their M'n'M's!

MMMM....we love it when Spring comes and Dad starts grilling again!!

Paul, Uncle Silas, Marcus and Justice!

Phoebe and Silas discover our tire swing can hold two!

Yep, he's driving his dog sled. We recently saw a video about some sled dogs, and Silas was enthralled. Moses helped him rig up his very own dog sled!

Moses, his faithful sled-dog!

'Little Drummer Boy'

Noah has been spending lots of time in the garden in the evenings when he gets off work. Silas loves to help him!

Our little gardener.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surprise Arrival!

Sometime last night or early this morning, a very special little foal arrived!! What a pleasant surprise!! Noah and Tabitha decided last fall that Sandy was pregnant, but their hopes for a foal were short lived after she miscarried in late September.

So you can imagine our surprise and excitement this morning when Moses came running in from his chores and shouted through the house; "Sandy had a foal!!"

Stay tuned for more pictures!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 13th Birthday, Moses!!
Interesting Facts about Moses!
  • He wants to be a cattle farmer when he grows up.
  • He has had stitches twice- on his leg and on his eyebrow.
  • His middle name, Richard, was given to him in honor of Mom's Dad.
  • He likes to keep things very neat and orderly, especially his dresser and desk.
  • His first words as a baby were 'mooo' and 'cow'.
  • He is our endurance runner and can even beat out Seth in the long haul sometimes!
  • His favorite books of the Bible are Exodus and Matthew.
  • He has requested BLT's for his birthday meal for the past 6 years.
  • He likes to listen to old recordings of the Cathedral Quartet.

We Love You, Moses!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!

We Love You!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Three Years Ago Today......

...they became man and wife!
(Photo Credit.)

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Scott and Lydia!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

February at the Ulmers.

Random snapshots from our past weeks-- stay tuned for more!!
On Friday we enjoyed getting to keep Paul and Marcus for the day as Scott and Lydia had the flu. We had a delightful day with our little nephews!! If only Justice was as close by!!!

Aunt Charity and Marcus.

Valentine's Day gifts-- who can go wrong with ice-cream and brownies!??!
Thanks, Dad!!!

::Valentine's Day flowers from Seth::

Daddy and Phoebe preparing an after-supper treat!!

Andrew and Rebecca were up for a brief visit, so we tried to get a family picture while we were all together!!

::Bread-Bakers in training::


MMMM......cinnamon rolls!! They look great, Micah!

Wonderful Chefs!

::Making Snowmen::

::Sewing Projects::

Silas has accumulated several treasure he likes to carry around, and the other day he found a 'perfect' place to stash them--- in the shower!! :)