Friday, June 11, 2010

When You Wait on the Lord.......'s always worth it.

It is with rejoicing hearts that we share with you the news of Esther's courtship with Micah Nelson. Micah sought Dad's permission and blessing before asking Esther to court him on May 20th. God had already been moving in Esther's heart, awakening an interest towards Micah and she was confident that the Lord was directing them to begin a relationship together.

We realize that everyone's definition of courtship is different, but they define their courtship as a time of confirmation of the Lord's leading and direction, with the intent of marriage. With the blessing of both sets of parents they are seeking the Lord's will and enjoying this precious season of falling in love.

We look forward to sharing the whole story with you soon............after these two settle back down from cloud 9 to help us record all the details!!

Let's say it together.................awwwwwww!!!! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo Shoot

While we were visiting the Kroekers, we took some time to snap some pictures of the Tabitha, Kelsey and Elizabeth. What a fun photo-shoot! The girls were very adventerous and even agreed to wade into very cold water for some pictures!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answer to the last trivia is.......

B. Pocono Mountains

And the new trivia is:

This poster hangs in our dining room with a few reminders of what types and quantities of food we are to consume for a balanced diet. The poster uses household items to compare with regular portion sizes. Recently a member of our family edited the poster. :)
If you can't read the writing, it reads; "One bowl of icecream the size of a football".

Which member of our family came up with this brilliant addition to our daily diet?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kroeker Visit!!

This Spring we had the opportunity to participate in a home school choir taught by Glen Litke. Mr. Litke generously invested several hours in instilling quality musical training in nearly 100 students and parents along with his greatest passion-- his love for Christ! What a blessing to learn music with the focus of glorifying God!!
There were two evening practices two weeks apart, before we had an entire day of practice followed by the performance that evening!
We also enjoyed the chance to spend time with two friends from the Salina area, where the practices and performance were. The Kroekers and the Beckmans also had children participating, so a group of 9 of us from the three families.

Break time!! Time to snap a quick photo!!

During the performance!!
(Thanks Elizabeth for those two photos!!)
After the concert we spent the remainder of the week-end with the Kroekers! We enjoyed wonderful fellowship and so many adventures!! Saturday morning we met the Beckmans and the Creers at Rock City!!
Rock City is an amazing formation of large rocks!! They are all different shapes and sizes, each different and unique!! Our God has such unique designs all around us!
Time to Explore!!



The boys enjoyed climbing up the steep sides of the larger rocks.

Kelsey in the trees!

Kaleb & Miles

Hopping from rock to rock!

Silas & Michaela

Tabitha & Moses

Katy & Susanna


Lending a hand to get up!

Tabitha & Silas!

Grace and Charity.

Find a rock to take a nap!

The adults visiting!!
The rocks actually looks like mushrooms!

Capture the Flag!!
The landscape of boulders made a great place for several competitive games of capture the flag!!
Susanna is going to play with us too!!

Mr. Kroeker determines the boundaries!

Stuck in jail!

Running to free the prisoners! close!

Sometimes being in jail can work to your advantage!! It can give you a birds-eye view of the movement of the enemy so you can warn your team!

Waiting in jail.


Time for a picnic lunch!!

Moses and Silas.

All the children!!!