Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thanks Elizabeth

Before all of our faithful followers, we would like to acknowledge the great job Elizabeth has done over the last five years blogging for us. Thanks Elizabeth!

We'd like to anounce the creation of our new blog: This family blog will now be shared by our up-and-coming photo journalist/journalist, Charity.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marcus' Birthday Party!!

Marcus turned 4 back in February, but when I sat down to post tonight, I couldn't skip these pictures. They are too cute not to post, even if they are almost 3 months old!

The plan was to celebrate his birthday at home, but when Pauly came down with the flu, we had to move the celebration to Pizza Hut.

Praying-- may God shape you into a godly man!!

Aunt Phoebe & Marcus.

Time for presents!

Cowboys & Indians!!

"Now my head will be warm!!"

What could it be??!?!?

Aunt Charity & Philip.

(And a turtle!)

Marcus was enthralled with his dragon costume!!

Examining his tail.

Marcus loves 'sea creatures' and animals of all sorts.

Aunt Elizabeth & Marcus.

Marcus with Papa & Nana!!

Happy Birthday Marcus! Enjoy being 4!

We love you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Four to Florida.

Being a child in a large family means that you always have someone to play with.

Being an adult in a large family means your best friends are related to you.

In March Seth, Noah, Tabitha & I took a week-long trip to Florida! We had an exceptionally great time, and the trip was so much fun!! We decided to drive instead of flying, so some of the best memories of the trip were made during the 48 hour round trip. Listening to music, debating about fashion, praying together, laughing, experiencing new food, bantering about the other cars on the road, the list could go on and on!!

When we arrived in Florida, we were greeted by our Uncle Dan & Aunt Sara, our cousin Jessica, her husband James and their son Jacob. This was the first time we got to meet Jacob!

Tabitha & Jacob.

Seth & Elizabeth

Seth & Jacob.

While staying with the Homans we enjoyed visiting Rainbow Springs Park. It was a beautiful spot!! We wanted to rent kayaks, but they weren't available, so Jessica and James brought their inflatable raft. It was an adventure!
Rainbow Springs.

James, Jessica & Jacob!

Walking through the park.

Seth & James


Tabitha & Noah's turn.

Jessica & I.

Uncle Dan & James.

Seth & Tabitha

On the dock!

Group snapshot!

One of the main reasons for our trip was to attend the wedding of Kori Knuth & Andrew Wissmann. The Wissmanns are long-time friends, and we knew Kori because she was one of the 3 girls that went to China with Noah in 2008.

At the wedding.

Tabitha & I

Friends from home!

Andrew & Kori's first dance.

Lighting the sparklers.

Time to leave!!

Our last two days in Florida we got to spend with our cousin Bethany and her husband Adam.

Lunch at the beach!

Toes in the sand........

There were many other special moments of our trip that we didn't capture; breakfasts at Ihop (complete with $3.60 glasses of orange juice without free refills), mini-golf with Adam & Bethany (72 holes, to be precise), the cadillac dealership, the hotel with wet carpets, the Mall at Millenia (with Tabitha's 20-minutes hamburger), bumper-cars, the fellowship between siblings.

Seasons change, and friends will move in and out of your life- but your family will always be your family! If there are any relationships you invest in-- invest in your siblings! They are the ones who know the jokes you told when you were 9, they will stop at Golden Corrall just for you at 9pm, they remember that you hate pickles, they know that you will pack the most clothes, so they will bring a smaller suitcase to accomodate you!

Be grateful for the siblings God gave you-- they are the BEST!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun times with friends...............thanks for having us, Sarensens!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!! We Love You! (April 13th)