Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Happy Birthday, Scott!!
We wish we could be with you to throw you a party!! Have a extra-special day!
We Love You!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

WAYYY Good Times!

We were thrilled to have our wayyy good friends the Rehms over in mid June. We enjoyed a wayy too short, but wayyy fun visit with them; playing volleyball, singing, watching storms roll by and playing killer games of Sequence!!
Silas and Bekah!

WAYYY picky Thomas mowing the boundaries for the volleyball court.

Oh look, they even smile the same!

Twitterpation, it's a wonderful thing!

Wayyy good games of volleyball, but watch out for poor Abi!! :)

"We want to play too!!"

Volleyball cheerleaders.

Sweet smiles for sweet friends.

Hungry Julia?? :)

Best buddies.

Go green!

WAYYY good friends.

1....2....3........Pat Hetic smile.
Silas makes us all smile with his cuteness.

"Okay, people; let's go do something!!"


Wayyy good smiles.

Wayyy tired after a wayyy good visit!

Have a WAYYY Good 24th Birthday!

So is it 24 years, or 24 months??!

Okay Thomas, I just WAYYY had to put that on here! But I really wanted to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, and I sincerely hope that you do have a WAYYY Good, and WAYYY blessed day. You're the best brother ever, and that's why I had to tell you that via internet even all the WAYYY long WAYYY from Kansas! Thank-you for always being such a good example in my life, and for constantly caring for and protecting me just like older brothers should! Thanks for all the laughs, and WAYYY good memories--- especially mowing lawns, and coming home in the pouring rain with little Dusty! Press on in the Lord Thomas, and continue to follow His leading in your life! Have a wonderful day, and I'm thinking of and missing you on your birthday! Love Ya TONS! Your Sis' Rebekah Joy Rehm

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Four From Florida!

We were thrilled to have Mom's brother and his family from Florida, up for a five day visit in early June. It has been a number of years since we'd last seen them and they'd never met any of our younger three!! We had a wonderful time with them!!
The 4 Homans.

Jess helping Esther in the kitchen!

On Sunday afternoon the Nemaha County Sheriff hosted a Fishing Derby at a local lake. The sheriff and deputies ran the event, which meant Seth was there helping. He helped the children with the archery activity.

Micha takes careful aim.

Tabitha, Jess and Esther visiting while the boys enjoy some fishing time.

And of course, some thrilling games of Sequence! :)

The sky was full of beautiful clouds!

Setting out on a lovely walk on a gloriously sunny day!

'The Creek'.


Silas didn't want to get his clothes wet, so he borrowed Micah's shirt.

Jess taking pictures!

Phoebe and Beth getting their feet wet!

The whole gang, minus the photographer. :)

Big sister and Little brother.

And there's always time for a good game of volleyball,
(watch out for Uncle Dan's serve, and Aunt Sara's bump!! They're awesome!)

or a horse-back ride!!

Aunt Sara


Charity and Jess.


Esther, Silas and Jess!

Bethany and Esther.

Bethany and Silas.

Pillow Fights with Aunt Sara!

Aunt Sara and Elizabeth.

The Ansons were also up for their first visit 'home' since moving to Ellsworth! What a joy to be with Scott and Lydia, and of course, spend time with their precious boys!
Paul Bryan Anson!

Marcus loves the water!

Jess feeding Marcus.

Marcus- way cute!

Bethany and Phoebe.

Bethany and Charity.

Elizabeth and Jess.
Big Brother, Little Sister..

Keep your eyes out for new posts in the new few days! :)