Friday, April 27, 2007


In the past two weeks we aquired two new animals here on the farm. Two rambunctious calves which we are raising for meat. They are still quite young and Moses and Micah greatly enjoy caring for them; Moses particularly as he has always been our cow enthusiast!! :)
We had quite a tough time in choosing names for them. Our youngest five were given the task of naming them, and they took it quite seriously! Charity and Phoebe maintained that they should be given very ordinary names; "Brownie", "Spotty" and "Tanny" were among their top suggestions. Moses and Micah however, viewed the situation entirely differently. In the end they managed to persuade the girls that they really did have better ideas when it came to naming calves.
We seem to be quite infatuated with the idea of giving animals people names. Our last two calves were 'Thomas' and 'James'. The names Moses and Micah picked are Andrew and Matthias; Andrew is the bigger one and Moses' charge, Matthias is the younger one and Micah's charge.
The boys are so faithful in feeding the calves each day and love nothing better then to take them out of their pens for a good long romp!
Silas LOVES both calves and it is a big highlight in his day to help the boys feed the calves!

Moses feeds Andrew.

Supper time for Matthias!

Moses and Andrew run off some energy.

A parting shot- Silas and Matthias.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kitchen Calamity!

Oh! Those biscuits look delicious don't they?!?!

Esther is a fantastic cook. She is the ultimate master in the kitchen. There is nothing better then sitting down to a meal made by Esther. Her cooking mistakes can be counted with two fingers. This is a great example to me, for a list of my cooking blunders would accumulate my longest post ever. :) But mistakes happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, baking soda doesn't work too well with our biscuit recipe. The name of our recipe is 'Baking Powder Biscuits' appropriately so, we have discovered! Just another reason to keep a good supply of bread in the house. And now we'll need three fingers when we talk about Esther's cooking! :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!

This little man is celebrating today!!
Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

We Love You, Daddy!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Parsons Week-end!

This past week-end our family traveled down to Parsons to visit the Shepards. Seth and Noah were able to get off work and we traveled down on Friday afternoon. We had a wonderful time. The last time our whole family had been to Parsons together was 3 weeks before Justice was born! It had been too long!

-Happy Birthday, Justice!! (A couple months late!)-

Justice loved his present; and so did Nana!! :)

The only thing better then one Ulmer girl in the kitchen is two!!

"You see Justice, the forks go here, and spoons go here....."

The Grandpas shape hamburger patties for supper.

Aunt Esther blowing bubbles for her thrilled nephew!

The boys engage in 'friendly combat' with the air-soft pistols.

Enjoying a special breakfast on Resurection Day!!

NCHEA- 2007

Last week-end was the Nebraska State Homeschool Convention and Esther and I were privileged to help with the Kid's Conference. With over 220 children and 60 staff, it was a challenging, yet rewarding 3 days!

-The incredible drama team!-
Through-out the two day conference there was a on-going drama about a young boy who wanted to be a his life he had struggles and many lessons to learn, but he always strived to honor the King.
The children loved it!
-My Team-

-Esther's Team-

-The Staff-

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Zoo Trip......

Last year Dad and Mom bought our family a zoo pass as a reward for some Scripture memory. The pass expired April 1st, so we wanted to make sure we went to the zoo one last time before the pass was over. Last Monday we took a day off from school and traveled up the the Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha- our familys' favorite to visit! The weather was perfect for a zoo trip, and we had a great time! Lydia and the boys were able to come with us, although Scott had to work.

Justus, Phoebe and Julia!

Everything is better with friends, right?!? The Stangl family was able to join us at the zoo and we had a wonderful time visiting with them and marvelling at God's creation together!

This rhinoceros has one heavy load!

The gorillas were very interactive with us and would pound the glass in our faces- we all loved it!

-Silas and Michael-

Our whole group!