Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easter 2010.

This Spring has been very full one! A lot of busy times and new changes for our family!!
With some extra time this week-end, I am going to attempt to catch up on some blogging!! Our blog has been sorely neglected for the past several weeks!
This Easter we spent some family time together celebrating our Risen Saviour!! It was precious to rejoice in His goodness and the miracle of His Resurrection!!!
We didn't have big plans for the week-end, but the Ansons and the Shepards were able join us. Spending time together as a family eclipses any other activity for us! If was a delightful two days of family time!!!
Justice and Paul!

The three 'big' boys had a blast chasing each-other up and down the slide!

Big Smiles!

Uncle Silas

The boys spent a good part of the evening playing on a large tree that fell in our yard! They loved it!

Justice holding Moses' puppy Buddy!

Marcus loves animals! He held Buddy most of the evening!

Paul takes a turn.

Philip and Tabitha!

Our friends the Sarensens came up for a brief visit! It was wonderful to see them again!!

Time together!

Silas & John! We won't see John again until Thanksgiving as he plans to go home to China for the summer, so we were glad he could spend his spring break with us.



Ressurrection Day morning we had our special 'Lamb Cake'.

Justice with his chocolate cross!!!

Silas has one too!!

Philip ready for the treasure hunt!!

Paul can't quite reach...........

Mommy will help!!

Philip was quite enamored with the yellow forsythia bush!!


Precious little nephew!!