Friday, September 29, 2006

A couple more Pictures.....

I thought I would add a few more pictures.........enjoy!!!

Charity, Phoebe and Silas were thrilled with the iron statues around the zoo!!

Smile!!!!! :)

Silas would make about one good bite for this Hippo!!!

A Parting Shot- Ulmers and Edgrens!
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Omaha Zoo

Last year, our family set a goal to memorize Romans 6 and 7 in a little under 2 months. After working on it extensively, we all finally achieved our goal, and as a 'prize' Dad and Mom bought a zoo pass, and we all looked forward to when we would be able to use it.
The perfect opportunity came last week-end. Some long-time (all the way back when we lived in Pennsylvania) friends of Dad and Mom's have been living in central Nebraska, but are moving very soon to South Carolina to be with their children. We wanted to see them before they moved, and they wanted to see the Omaha zoo before they left, providing a perfect place for us to meet. We spent a wonderful day with them, visiting, eating and touring the zoo.
I'm not sure how much these three saw of the zoo, they were so wrapped up in conversation!!!

Stick Together!!!

Eating Lunch.......

Watching the Sea Lions at feeding time....a very fascinating show!!
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This past week we were given a deer by a hunter in Nebraska. We set a evening aside to process it, and we look forward to enjoying the meat in various dishes this year!!!
Skinning it............

Getting if Ready for the Freezer......

I guess not all of us enjoy the smell of raw deer meat!!!! :)
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Monday, September 25, 2006


After putting up some applesauce, we borrowed some friends' apple cider press (Thank-
you, Strahms!!) and spent several hours making cider. Our family Loves apple-cider, and you can't really have too much of it around here (it disappears fast!!)!!!
It's a race you know; who can fill their sack the fastest......

........or who can juggle the most apples!

Is your arm sore yet?!?!?!?

Seth and Moses took the 'night shift'!!!! :)

Any takers for a glass of apple-cider!?!?!?!?!?

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Thanks to some friends of ours, we were blessed with a abundance of apples last week (Thanks Byards!!!!)!! We took a few days off from school to process the apples, which is one of our favorite fall activities!!!!!! Washing them....

Cutting them.....

Cooking them.....

'A' is for Applesauce!!!!
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Happy 10th Birthday, Micah!!
Thank-you for your smiles; your jokes; your words of comfort when some one has been hurt. What a special thing it was for us, those years ago, to welcome another little brother into our family!!!!!! You are so special to us, and we thank God for you!!!!!!! May you always seek to follow after the Lord and walk in His ways!!!!
~We Love You!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Homing Pigeons........

Last week our family began a new adventure- homing pigeons. A friend of ours from Hiawatha had some pigeons he wanted to get rid of, and after hearing about them, we decided to take them. They will probably be mainly the younger boys' project, with help from Charity.
It will be about 6 months before we can use them to send messages, but hopefully they can eventually be used as a fun way for us to keep up with Andrew and Rebecca and Justice. The boys are doing a splendid job of caring for them, and are delighted to have this opportunity.

A 'Blue Bar' Pigeon.

Some of our new pigeons.
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Three-Legged Races.......

Last week Scott and Lydia joined us for supper, and afterwards, we all enjoyed some racing outside. Everyone grabbed a partner, and away we went!!!!! Some were more victorious then others, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! It deffinetely takes a lot of cooperation!!!! :)

Getting Ready.........

Micah and Moses practicing!!!

The Teams; Micah + Moses, Dad + Seth, Phoebe + Tabitha, Scott + Charity and Esther + Elizabeth!!!!!!!

And the Winners are....................Esther and Elizabeth (with Dad and Seth at a close second!!!)!!!!!! :)
Although we don't have pictures of it, we added a little 'spice' to the game by having one person on each team blind-folded in the second race!!!! The video clip we got of the blind-folded version of the race is absolutely hilarious!!!!!! :) Posted by Picasa