Saturday, December 30, 2006

Family Picture!

Christmas Eve........2006!
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Paul and Silas IIII

"Esther, Paul crashed my new car that I got for my birthday!" :)
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Paul and Silas III

"Okay, Paul, time to get out, you failed your drivers test!" (Silas)
"But, Uncle Silas, this is fun!" (Paul)
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Paul and Silas II

"Um....Paul, watch where you are going, the ditch is approaching fast!"
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Paul and Silas I

"Yep, I'm teaching my nephew to drive!" :)
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Paul and Silas!

Uncle Silas and Paul are good buddies and enjoy playing together most of the time!! Occasionally, Uncle Silas tires of sharing his toys, but almost always they cheerfully play together. When we took the picture, they were happily sharing Silas's birthday present, enjoying the bumping ride around the yard!! :)
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More Target Practice....

And one very scared observer!!! :)
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More Target Practice......

and some beginners!
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More Target Practice....

Expert Sharp-shooters..........
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We're Back!!

Hello Friends!!!
After several weeks of silence, we are back in business. We have experienced all manner of troubles these past weeks, but things are pretty much sorted out now!!! We are only able to post one pictures per post, so there will be lots of posts and lots of pictures!! :)
The picture above was taken at the end of November. In preparation for our hunting season, we set aside a afternoon to make sure the rifles were ready.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!

Happy 15th Birthday, Elizabeth!!!
You are such a blessing to our family and a Dear friend to me! Thank-you for loving the Lord and serving Him and our family. May you grow to know the Lord even closer in your 15th year.. We love you!
Your Big sis,

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Silas, with his favorite hat and car!

Thank-you everyone, for being so patient with me!!!! After working on the blog extensively with no results for several weeks, I decided to take a short break for the hunting season. The season is now over, and I am once again going to immerse myself in trying to root out Mr. Trouble.
I am strongly considering just starting over on a fresh slate- making a new blog for the family, but keeping this blog (which would not be updated) so that you can come back and look at past posts when you want to.
Does anyone have any thoughts on that idea?!?!? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Should I get a new blog and start posting again, or should I try some more to make this blog work?? Thank-you in advance for any imput you can give!!!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Thank-you everyone for your patience as we try and work out Mr. Trouble from our system.......he sure is hanging on!!! :)
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