Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorghum Molasses!

It was a crisp fall day- perfect for making sorghum molasses! While Esther and Elizabeth hit the Seneca garage sales with Lydia (it was a perfect day for garage sales too!!) Mom and the rest of the crew helped a friend make sorghum molasses!!
Moses and Gabe loading the truck.

Taylor and Moses.

Mom helped too!

Haylie helped carry it to the truck.

One loaded truck!

Moses did a excellent job of running the cane through the press.
Tabitha skimmed the boiling liquid.

The cane stalks after they are run through the press.

So now we've been enjoying delicious sorghum in granola, banana bread, and drizzled over hot cornbread; Mm-mm!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Silas!!

Our boy is Three!!!
Silas is a special delight in our lives- we are ever grateful to the Lord for sending us this precious little man!! Silas is a blessing in our home- quick to help, quick to make you laugh and quick to say thank-you. He has a cute little grin that is almost always on his face, it is a rare sight to see him grumpy!!
Silas loves being Uncle to his nephews. He is very careful to make sure the toys that are too little for the boys are put away, and generously shares his larger toys with them (Although it hasn't always been this way. When Paul was little, he was only allowed to be in the living room when he came to visit Papa and Nana. Lydia told Silas that if he had a toy he'd rather not share with Paul right then, to take it into the school-room. The next thing she knew the toy shelf was nearly empty and there was a huge pile of toys in the school room.)
Happy Birthday, Silas!!
We Love You!!
Silas's Lastest Cute Quote.
Last week we had Andrew and Rebecca up for a visit. Silas had a blast playing with Justice-- they are good buddies. Sunday morning Andrew brought Justice downstairs to play- Silas was already playing in the living room. When Silas saw Justice he rushed over to him and declared; "Justice, it's Uncle ME!!"

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ulmer Random-ness!!

The last few weeks here on the farm have been busy, so you need not believe that the post shortage has been because we have nothing post-worthy. Our computer has been down for nearly a month now, which limits our computer access, and we have tried not to overload Noah's laptop by uploading tons of pictures on there. We're investigating different options for a computer to replace the one that just crashed, but our posting may continue to be somewhat irregular for the next couple of weeks.
The following are some snapshots from our past weeks. We would have more but they are all on the camera still (our 400+ memory card is nearly full!!)! Stay tuned, we'll tried to add more pictures later this week!!
Hiking in the pasture!!

Uncle Silas reading with Paul.
Moses gives Phoebe a piggy-back ride one afternoon.

We were fortunate to find a farm that had surplus watermelons we were able to buy---yum!!!

Moses came to the rescue after a sweet brown-haired girl got accidently got our tractor stuck in some deep mud.

Piano Lessons.

Shooting (at) clay pigeons!!

I think she shoots best with both eyes closed!! :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 9th Birthday, Charity!!
Can our Charity-Bug be nine already?
Our special blessing girl- what a joy she is to our lives!!
Charity is our faithful helper here at home- the first to volunteer whenever we're working on a project around the house. Charity is the one who leaves us those thoughtfull little notes to brighten our day, who helps us make special treats. Who faithfully feeds our chickens every morning and evening and sometimes feeds mine to surprise me!!
Happy Birthday, Charity!
We Love You!