Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answer is............................
Noah bottomed out the 11 pound scale, so we don't know just how much he weighed, but it was over 11 lbs!!! Silas falls in second place at 11lbs even!!
The new trivia is...............................
Which Ulmer child learned to read at the youngest age?????

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 16th Birthday, Tabitha!!
We Love You!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday, Esther!
We Love You!

Trivia Tuesday!!

The answer is...................
C. Cheese, Beans & Beef on tortilla chips!!
The new trivia is......................
Which Ulmer baby weighed the most at birth?????

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Seth!
We're so blessed to have you in our family!
We Love You!!

(Seth's birthday was actually yesterday, the 19th, so this is a day late! Oops!!!) :(

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!
A very Happy Birthday to our 'cute-pain'! :)
We Love You!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 19th Birthday, Noah!!
We Love You!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 8th Birthday, Phoebe!!
What a precious joy you are in our family!!
We Love You!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trivia Tuesday!!!

The answers are................
Rebecca Aliece
Lydia Beth
Esther Brooke
Elizabeth Hope
Tabitha Renae
Charity Abigail
Phoebe Joy
The new trivia is.......................
Which of the following foods has been a staple lunch in the Ulmer household???
A. Peanut Butter and Jelly/Honey
B. Sloppy Joes
C. Cheese, Beans & Beef on Tortilla chips.
D. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
Happy Guessing!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Eastern Travels 2009!!!

After a flurry of packing and preparing the farm for our absence, we embarked on our Eastern trip on Friday, June 12th just after 7pm. As we left home we prayed for God's guidance and protection and for special family time. God answered each of those prayers in ways we couldn't even imagine.
Driving through Indianapolis early Saturday morning, we blew a tire and made a quick stop to change it. Each time we stopped Silas would do his pushups!

After two more hours on the road, we stopped to have the spare tire replaced in case of another blow out. Our tire repair was lengthy and we sat for nearly 2 hours waiting before we were on the road once more.
We made good time through Ohio, but not long after we entered Pennsylvania as we charged along at 70mph, we blew another tire. We reached the shoulder and came to a quick stop with dust billowing through the entire bus. A huge part of the left rear tire came loose and as it hit the underside of the bus it stirred up tons of dust! Once we stopped, the boys and Dad began to change the tire, discovering a major problem- the loosened tread had ruined the neck to the fuel tank, meaning we could no longer refuel the bus. Uh-oh- that doesn't look right!!

Calling the mechanics for help!

Once the tire was changed, we headed up to the nearest exit and found a large truck stop. While they could not help us, they directed us to a mechanic in a nearby town.
The repair to the fuel line consumed nearly 3 hours, but were on the road again. The repair served us well and we kept on our way. Our second night in the bus ended at 4am as we rolled into our Aunt's driveway!! As we coasted into her driveway, the transmission quit!!
As the mechanics began their work replacing the transmission, they stared at the one currently in the bus. "There is no way you could have made it so far on this transmission. It's totally shot. I just can't believe you actually drove here 1,500 miles. It's impossible for it to have lasted this long!"
There is an easy explination; we serve a MIGHTY God!!
What a precious time we spent in New York. It was wonderful to reconnect with Aunts and Uncles and cousins!! Though the reason for our trip was a sad one, we treasured the reuniting of a family seperated for so long. The last time all four siblings and all 19 grandchildren were together was over 13 years ago.
Dan, Donna, Drew & Dorie.

All 19 cousins!!

The Calverton National Cemetery was a sobering place to be!! Each stone represents a life that was sacrificed for the freedom of the Nation!!

The field where Grandpa & Grandma are buried.
Uncle Noah & Philip!!!!
Three generations.
At the cemetery.

Time to tow the bus.
That was a story in of itself. Dad called the towing company to arrange to get the bus towed. As he spoke with them, he stressed the fact that it was "big". They assured him that they had a vehicle to handle it. They sent a flatbed semi trailer, but after one look at the bus, they left and came back with their biggest tow truck.

Aunt Dorie cooking!!
The Janes family (Mom's sister & her family) housed us and they treated us like kings!! They took such good care of us; cooking, laundry and transportation!! Thank-you!!
This is how much of the trip went for me!! :)

Heather and Philip.
On Tuesday we spent the day at the beach! This was the first trip to the ocean for Charity, Phoebe and Silas! Moses and Micah had been there before, but when they were too young to remember it!

The bridge to the Island!
Silas loved the water.
The water was quite chilly!

Someone thinks the water is cold!! :)

The water was still a bit cool, especially considering the breeze!!

Sun, Sand & Smiles!!

Beach Volleyball!

More volleyball!!

Burying Silas in the sand!!!
Three Ansons. :)


Some people weren't so thrilled about going into the water. :)

The coastline.

The sand on the beach is like none other!!

The lighthouse on Fire Island.
Jess, Heather and I climbed to the top of the lighthouse and the view was amazing!!

Jess and Heather inside the lighthouse.

The bridge we took to get to the beach.
Jess & me.

The walkway.

The view was beautiful!!!

The sand dunes on the eastern shore.

Robert Moses Beach.
Gettin' a little bit wet.

Philip takes his first steps into the ocean!

Mama toes and baby toes. (And good 'ole seaweed!)
Mom and Victoria.

Burying Seth in the sand.
Taking pictures.

Hunting for seashells.

Quick Candid.

Lydia always finds the best shells.

Philip loved the beach.

The waves.

Mom & Son.

Seashell Searching.

The boys first trip to the ocean (that they can remember!)!!!

Sunny Smiles.
Rebecca in the waves.

"When I consider the works of thy hands." Psalms 8:5


Phoebe told me it was too cold to go swimming, but that she loved 'gazing out to sea' .
Nana & Philip.

The fences on the beach are super cool.

Bethany and Silas!

Time for the girls to leave-- Good-bye!!
On Wednesday, we took the train into New York City to go sightseeing. It was a amazing day, full of exciting adventures!!!

On the train to NYcity.

Jason & Silas!

The New York City skyline begins to materialize on the horizon!
So many sights to see!!

You don't have to be a flower-lover like me to appreciate all the street vendors full of flowers. Just goregous!!!
A (talented) street artist.

New York pizza.........mmmmmmmmmmmm....
The Staten Island Ferry!

On the ferry to Staten Island!
Esther & Silas on the ferry!
The Statue of Liberty!
After we got off the ferry, we waited there in the building to gather our group together. While we were waiting, Silas pulled a uncovered fire alarm. As sirens blared and the building evacuated, we alerted the security that it was a false alarm. Security released us to go, and as we continued down the street, 7 fire trucks arrived to respond to the fire alarm!! Silas can know identify fire alarms and knows that they are never supposed to be pulled unless there is a fire!!!
The fire trucks arrive.

New York pretzels.....................

there's nothing like 'em!!

Silas walked until he was too tired to stand, but there were plenty of able people to attend to him!

Hustle & Bustle of downtown New York!
Friday evening we left New York and headed for Pennsylvania and the home of precious friends, the McGraths. We enjoyed two wonderful days with them!!
We were thrilled to celebrate Jenna's birthday with her!!

Chocolate fountain for Father's Day.....mmmmm!!

Sharing Sewing Tips.

Jenna and her scrumptious crepes!


The boys cooling off.

Mom & Phoebe taking a little R&R.

Pennsylvania is Beautiful!!!

Making supper!

Silas the fireman.

"Okay men, I have a red and orange fire here."

Uncle Timmy and Silas.
During the final leg of our journey we stopped in Ohio to visit our dear friends the Lefchiks. A much too short visit!! It was good to see ya'll again!!
Our family arrived home on Wednesday, June 24th. Thank-you Lord for a safe trip!!! A big thank-you to those of you who were praying for the many details of our trip!!