Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008.

Our Thanksgiving this year was spent with Dad's Uncle and Aunt in Wichita. We were so grateful for their gracious hospitality in hosting our family!

Aunt Nancy and Grandma spent the entire morning (and part of the previous week) preparing a scrumptious dinner. We all enjoyed their fine cooking!!

Dad cutting the turkey.

Gathered around the table for dinner!

One of the young men Noah spent time with in China this past summer is currently in Nebraska attending High School as a foreign exchange student. He joined our family while he was on his break from school over Thanksgiving! We enjoyed having him with us!!
Noah and John.

They are great thinkers!! :)

And then time for dessert-- an assortment of delicious pies-- including Noah's fabulous lemon meringue!!

Plenty of Back yard football games!

Many games of Sequence (and if you want to win, play on John's team!!)!

Friday morning we all decided to forgo shopping deals in order to get a little more rest. None of the sales we saw were enough to lure us out of our beds at 4am!!!

After breakfast, we went to the YMCA to go swimming with Aunt Nancy!
Silas loves wearing goggles!

Splashing Wars.

Phoebe and Silas loved playing with Dad's cousin George.

The slide was a big hit!!

Silas wasn't sure if he really liked it.......

but he enjoyed it so much he went several times with Dad and Esther!

The whole group (minus John who was already out and dried off)!!

Friday night we got a special treat; getting to see a fantastic volleyball match between the Wichita Shockers and the Missouri Bears.

Before the game.


It was a very intense match!! The Shockers lost both their games by a few points, but came back with two swift wins of the 3rd and 4th games. The 5th game the lead flip-flopped as they battled for the win.

The final score-board.

Saturday we traveled to our family reunion on Dad's, Dad's side of the family.

Marcus and Aunt Texye!

Table laden with food.

Papa helping Paul and Marcus with their food.
(Note; they bring their handguns to every meal, so they are always prepared for whatever may come up!!) :)

Phoebe and Mauri!

It was a perfect day to take a long walk---until it started raining!!

Esther and Aunt Texye.

Dad and Uncle Mitch.

Mauri with one of the new babies in the group!

Our family, except Noah, who had already left.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!!!

HAPPY 17th Birthday Elizabeth!!

We are SO grateful for your sweet smile, and servant's spirit in our home!
Thank-you for all the fun sister memories!

For your Godly example, and love for the Lord.

For your ahh... shall we say interesting side!=)

But......Of course we love you anyways!

For all your hard work to put up with your uh..hem... brothers!=)

We love you Elizabeth, and are SO grateful that the Lord sent you into our home seventeen years ago! May He continue to bless you life as you seek Him, and may you grow to be more like Him! Love your Family!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Third Special Announcement!!

With the boys filling their tags, this left us with just three more hunters who needed deer- Seth, Scott and Lydia, who are up for their second 4-day hunting stint this season. (They brought the boys and came up Tuesday thru Saturday last week, but neither bagged a deer.)
Despite the frigid temperatures and stiff biting wind this evening, all three went out, each hunting in a different spot. Scott was the first to return, bringing with him a huge doe. As we strung her up; Seth and Lydia returned. Lydia hadn't seen a thing, but Seth had taken a shot at a buck and needed lights to track it with. Jumping into Seth's truck, we returned to the spot where he'd shot at the buck. The moon was out and tremendously bright, beaming pale rays of light over everything. After a few minutes of scanning the ground, we were onto the blood trail. Slowly we treked through the field, following the drops of blood. The cold and wind forgotten, we continued weaving through patches of thick cedars, then through open spaces, back into thorny, shoulder-high thickets of brush. Through timber-filled ravines, and in the thick clumps of trees overhanging a deep, yet dry creek-bed. After several minutes of stealthy pursuit Seth caught a glimpse of the buck stepping silently away from us. The boys and I held back as Scott and Seth advanced with their pistols and flashlights. Moving quickly they disappeared into the trees. For several minutes we hung back, hoping to hear the sharp bark of Seth's glock. Waiting with ears and eyes alert, listening for sounds of the buck in case it managed to elude them by doubling back. Occasionally the probing light from their flashlights would shine dimly through the thick curtain of trees, but all was quiet. Minutes passed, and the only sound we heard was a sharp, clear whistle beckoning us to rejoin them. A few short paces later as the five of us wound single file through the trees, Seth caught sight of our target. The buck was still bleeding heavily, and though still on his feet, was too weak to move anymore. Seth's shot brought the buck down, and moments later we were whooping and hollering around his trophy!!
Seth and his third 8-point!!

What a beauty!!

They could practically be twins!! :)

As we pulled the buck into the shed to hang, it jumped up and attacked Scott!!
(Okay, so maybe not......) :)

Happy little sister!!

Daddy and Paul with Daddy's deer!!
Three bucks and a doe in just 3 1/2 days-- that's definitely a first for us!! It's been a very exciting hunting season!! Now we're all scheming for the best way to get a deer for Lydia!!

Officer Scott Anson!!

November 21st, Scott graduated from the 14 week Police Academy as a Certified Deputy Sheriff!!!! We are so proud of him!! Our family drove down to attend the graduation ceremony in south/west KS.
Some of the speakers at the ceremony.

Paul wants to be just like his Daddy!

Receiving his certificate & coin!!

Engaging in important Uncle Duties.


Uncle Silas and Philip.

The boys!

Marcus loved playing with the fold-up seats.

Awww....what a happy couple!!

The Anson Family!!

Grandma Sue (Scott's Mom) is a favorite with everyone!

Awww----another adorable couple!!

Scott and Lydia with Scott's Grandpa.

After the ceremony concluded, we went out for ice-cream to celebrate!!

(And the big boys too!!)
It was definitely a hit with the little boys!!

Paul finished off his ice-cream....

......then Uncle Silas shared his with him.

Tabitha and Esther.

After the graduation was over, we traveled down to Parsons to spend the rest of the week-end with Andrew and Rebecca!! What a special time we had with them!! We are so grateful for their wonderful hospitality!!

Tabitha playing with Silas and Justice!

Some of Rebecca's beautifull fall decorations.

Aunt Tabitha and Justice.

Justice is quite the builder-- just like his Daddy!!

On Saturday night they invited Andrew's family over for supper. It was wonderful to see them all again and catch up with all of them. Two of Andrew's siblings are now married and have children-- time goes by so fast!!
Eating supper.

Saying Good-bye!!
Thanks for having us, Andrew and Rebecca!! We love you guys!