Saturday, July 28, 2007

Walking Beans!!

In the past few weeks, five or six of we older Ulmer children have been busily pulling weeds for a few hours a couple evening each week. A friend in our area is a organic farmer, so uses no spray or chemicals on his bean fields. Instead, you have to go in and pull all the weeds by hand!!

Part of the field we've helped with- doesn't it look great?!?!?!!

Esther pulling as hard as she can on a very stubborn weed!!

The weed finally came loose!!!

Wow- she was pulling hard!! It knocked her right over!

Moses could almost get lost in those beans with that shirt on!!

Looking up your row can be a bit depressing....

so looking back down your row once in awhile is a good reminder that you are accomplishing something!!!

Oh- some of those weeds are tough to pull out!!

A beautiful Kansas sunset!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

This smiling girl has a birthday today!!

Only Tabitha....

One of the best tree-climbers in the family!!

A promising young artist!!

Aunt Tabitha loves her nephews!!

Happy 14th Birthday, Tabitha!!

What joy Tabitha has brought to our home!!!
Tabitha is a terrific help around the house, always willing to lend a hand in what ever we are working on.
Also our chocolate lover, Tabitha can make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world; they disappear fast around here!!! In many of our projects Tabitha has become indispensable; especially butchering chickens! She can bag and wrap birds faster then anyone we know!! It is a blessing to see how diligently Tabitha takes care of her horse, faithfully caring for her. Her generosity in sharing rides with the family, often giving up her turn so that some-one else can take a ride.
We Love You!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to this cutie!!

The definition of cuteness!

Esther and food go way back!!

Our family comedian!
(That's the 'chocolate dance'; it's totally a Ulmer thing!!)

The best cook on the face of the earth!!

Happy 19th Birthday, Esther!!!
What a blessing Esther is in our home!!
For the past few years Esther has done nearly all the cooking for the family, which is no small job!! Whether making skirts for her little sisters, or getting up early to make Seth a hot breakfast before he goes off to work, or helping a young mother with her new baby; Esther is constantly giving of herself to help others. Esther is the leader in many of our projects around the house, and skillfully organizes everyone to accomplish big tasks in short order.
It is wonderful to watch Esther and her walk with the Lord. How diligently she strives to be like the Lord, following Him and always relying on Him for strength. The example she gives to her younger siblings is precious!!
We Love You, Esther!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

This chunky guy is turning 21 today!!

Smilin' Boy!

Growing Up!

Big Brother, little sister.

A Mighty Hunter!!

Seth on the job-site this summer.

Happy 21st Birthday, Seth!!!
What a wonderful big brother you have been in this family! Protecting your sisters; treating us with upmost care and respect. Encouraging your brothers to grow up and be strong men of God. Taking younger siblings hunting with you, even if it meant the chances of you getting a deer were reduced. The nights when after a long day at work, you'll come home and clean up the supper dishes for us, just to give us girls a break.
It has been awesome to watch the last 4 years of your life since you started working full-time. The way you have stood fast, and been a godly influence to the other guys on the crew, often being the only one who will do what is right! Seeing the impact your honest hard work has had on the crew members!
May God bless you- may He guide and direct each step you take!
We Love You!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This past week-end we were thrilled to have the Shepards up from Parsons!! We had a wonderful visit with them, enjoying every minute!!
They brought with them 2 pairs of boxing gloves and early one evening, we pulled them out and most everyone got to try them.
Seth on the offensive, Dad on the defensive.

Andrew and Seth duke it out!

Esther gained the upper hand over Tabitha quickly........

so we sent Rebecca out to give her a run for her money!

Moses and Micah kept at it for a while, but Moses prevailed in the end.

Charity and Phoebe's turn!

After watching all the older ones box, Silas and Justice weren't about to be left out!! The moment they put the gloves on, they began stomping around and going after eaach other.
Silas did a great job of being gentle with Justice, but Justice gave it all he had, and both boys were on the ground more then once!!

"Okay Uncle Silas, show me what you've got!!"

"The trick, folks, it to keep your tongue stuck out the whole time- it really helps!!"

Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to this adorable little girl!!!

Oh-so cute, don't you think?!?!

Always a ready smile!!!

Growing up to be a lovely lady!!

Newly engaged in 2003.

Happy 26th Birthday, Rebecca!!!
What special memories we have of our big sister!!! Tea parties you would have for us younger girls for Valentines day, and helping the boys with a fun paint project on their bedroom walls.
As the oldest in our family, you have had such a important role- all these little siblings looking up to you and wanting to follow your example!! How grateful we are that you have chosen to follow the Lord, and we can gain so much from your example!!
May God bless you and Andrew and Justice!
We Love You!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

This charming girl is turning six today!!!

Even at a early age, Phoebe loved chocolate!!

The sweetest little flower-girl ever!!!
Happy 6th Birthday, Phoebe Joy!!!
We Love You!!

Happy Birthday!!

This little guy has a birthday today!!

Grinning and Growing!!

Noah's chicken interests started when he was still young.

Growing yummy vegetables for the family!!

Getting taller each year!!

Happy 17th Birthday, Noah!!
We Love You!!